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Perhaps you remember the cover: the elegant smile, the unmistakable YCI tie, the immaculate blazer with the gold buttons. And the almost paradoxical caption: «Managing a large company and sailing round the world». Giorgio Falck was already a business icon, an engineer who was brought up to develop his family’s steelworks but who was also an expert in the art of leisure, making a point of fitting in his great passions: the sea and sailing. 35 years have passed since that first edition of Capital, and over the years its covers and pages have featured almost all –if not all– the top entrepreneurs in Italy, their products, their brands, and successful professionals, scientists and politicians, all of them No. 1s in their fields.

This is the inspiration behind a major multimedia event dedicated to information and promotion: the first ever gathering in Italy of the country’s No. 1s. It will be held at the Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan and will be attended by entrepreneurs whose businesses are emblematic of Italian products and who can be credited for the prestige of Italian business around the world (see the full list below).

The summit is the first of its kind in Italy. The interactive discussions will take the form of a workshop called «#Angar Italy. We produce the future», taking advantage of a series of brand-new technological solutions. The event will form the basis of an exhibition on the best of Italy, designed by the architectural genius Italo Rota, whose list of accomplishments include curatorship of Milan’s Museo del Novecento (Museum of the Twentieth Century), the Arts & Foods exhibition at the Milan Triennale, the Kuwait pavilion and the Wine pavilion at Expo 2015, and the Musée d’Orsay. After finishing its run in Milan, the exhibition will be transferred to China and the United States, where it will showcase Italian genius as interpreted by the No. 1s of the Belpaese, doubtless providing food for thought for the elites of those two major economies.

To mark the occasion of the event, Capital is publishing this special report, in three languages. There will also be a series of programmes focusing on the event on Class CNBC, the most important international network for business and finance. At a time when Italian excellence –in fields ranging from fashion to mechanical engineering, from food and wine to large-scale engineering projects, from architecture to vehicles– offers the most concrete way out of an eight-year crisis, this major event has won the support of the greatest authorities in the country, from the government to Ice-Ita, the agency responsible for promoting Italian business abroad. This support is not merely symbolic; it constitutes acknowledgement that Capital is in many ways an institution of the Italian economic and information system. It is a tool to help Italian personalities who have already conquered the world cover even more ground, to support those who are beginning successful ventures abroad, to give courage and drive to those who are currently No. 1 in Italy but tomorrow may play an equivalent role on the international stage. The importance of coordination and teamwork is frequently referred to in conferences and televised political speeches. In many cases it is pure talk, but the need is real. This is why Capital is collaborating with Class CNBC and the international MF Dow Jones network (both, like Capital, part of the Class Editori group), and exhibitions in Italy and abroad, to ensure that talk finally becomes action.

These No. 1s, with their companies, their products, and their brands, offer a solid basis for the construction of Italy’s future, by instituting the necessary system of coordination and teamwork. Capital is inviting them to do this by being part of the initiative through active, direct participation in the «We produce the future» workshop. The initiative is also raising money for Dynamo Camp, one of the most important and useful NPOs in Italy. Every year it offers thousands of terminally or chronically ill children the opportunity to experience a holiday of wonderful normality in a stunningly beautiful location, full of games, care, friendship and love.

Paolo Panerai
Editor-in-Chief & Ceo Class Editori

The companies featuring the Summit of Number ones: