A leader in the design, construction and management of large-scale civil engineering projects, specialized in subways, of which also assumes the management. It built the fifth line of the Milan subway, the Rome-Naples high-speed railway, the CERN tunnel in Geneva... Among the works in progress, the third bridge over the Bosporus River in Turkey, the longest, widest suspension bridge in the world

Paolo Astaldi

Paolo Astaldi

Astaldi takes the top spot in all international contractor rankings, from bridges to airports and hydroelectric plants to construction. The company was founded in the 1920s by Sante Astaldi, and today it is an international group. It was listed on the stock exchange in 2002, has a presence in 19 countries and generates approximately 80% of its turnover abroad. Under the leadership of Paolo Astaldi –a member of the family’s third generation– the company has achieved levels of excellence in transport infrastructure, energy production plants, civil engineering and healthcare. A few examples within Italy include the Rho-Pero Exhibition Centre in Milan, the Toledo Metro Station in Naples –which CNN has referred to as the most beautiful and impressive station in Europe– and the Pont Ventoux underground power plant, one of the largest in Italy. In Chile it built the Chacayes hydroelectric power plant, the first completely environmentally compatible plant in the country.

In Switzerland it built the underground Cern tunnel in Geneva, which is home to one of the world’s largest particle generators. Out of the company’s current projects, perhaps the most spectacular is the third bridge over the Bosphorus in Turkey, which will be the world’s longest, widest suspension bridge. However, the St. Petersburg motorway link in Russia and Chile’s Arturo Merino Benitéz International Airport are also important. «We represent Italian quality within infrastructure», Paolo Astaldi says. «We export innovative solutions, expertise and technology, and we’re able to merge functionality and aesthetic beauty. We have taken the name of Italy all over the world through constant collaboration and dialogue with our clients, who become real partners. Much of our success is due to that effort». 

Astaldi’s mission is to contribute to the development and well-being of the countries in which it operates, doing so with projects that are distinctive, solid and functional. Moreover, the company has a signature style, which it has exported internationally for years. It’s a style highlighted by integration within the territory, alongside the design, construction and management of major infrastructural projects. Approximately 80% of turnover is generated abroad, predominately in Canada, Turkey, Russia, Chile, Poland, Algeria and Peru. «The internationalisation of our business has always been a distinctive characteristic of the group»,  Astaldi explains. «It’s one of the main drivers of development for our personal growth. Going abroad means not just utilising local resources but also supporting the Italian system as we take the expertise of our country with us. We’ve done that with the Bosphorus bridge in Turkey, a mega-project that has allowed us to involve many different Italian skills at the highest level».

Astaldi’s success also lies in its constant ability to express its skills in new ways. «Innovation for us is the relentless pursuit of quality,» says Astaldi. «It’s measuring ourselves against the problems and challenges that large-scale infrastructure presents. In the process, we provide efficient responses and demonstrate the ability to combine technology, beauty and safety».

The process stems from the experience the group has accumulated in its more than 90 years of research into optimal processes and solutions; a range of experience bolstered over time, thanks to the quality and integrity of Astaldi staff. Nevertheless, there is more involved. «Every year we select 30 or so of the best Italian graduates from economics and technical disciplines in order to offer them real career opportunities after a suitable apprenticeship period», states Astaldi. «Innovation for us also means offering young people the chance to get involved and show their value».