Bianchi Industrial

A quarter of all machine tools in Italy – and many more across Europe – keep moving thanks to the group. It is a leading specialist distributor of key precision components for the automated production world

Alberto Bianchi

Alberto Bianchi

The work that Alberto Bianchi does is just as special as the components offered to the market by his company, which is a leading specialist industrial distributor that operates in five different European countries. The general public may not see its products, but they play a crucial part in keeping industry moving, in the literal sense of the term. Its precision components are hidden away inside industrial machinery where they make an essential contribution to maximum efficiency in industrial production: a quarter of all machine tools in Italy are in motion thanks to Bianchi Industrial. «Just as Ferrari could lose a Grand prix because of a faulty bearing», stated the head of Bianchi Industrial, «a malfunctioning component can bring a whole factory to a halt».

No output, no work, high maintenance costs and significant drops in revenues: putting a stop to this series of negative consequences is the mission of the company, which has been in the hands of the Bianchi family for three generations and makes its business objectives revolve around its customers and their requirements. Bianchi Industrial succeeds in its endeavours because it is the number one player in the field. It was not easy to reach the top spot because the competition is fierce, especially in other countries. Therefore, Bianchi and the management decided to try an alternative approach: instead of taking on their rivals on their own turf and playing by their rules, they have tried to shake things up by exporting a new business model.

«We have taken our quintessentially Italian distribution model to foreign markets and bought companies then shared our know-how with them. Our model focuses on a more restricted range, but there are still 200,000 items in the selection, all of which offer hi-tech performance and quality». The other key word is specialization, which has been the distinctive feature of the group ever since it was founded in 1921. «There are some fields where good quality is sufficient and others where the real results are achieved thanks to our specialist ability to select the best components», continued Bianchi, who is a third-generation member of the family and has been in charge of the company since he was 25. «Essentially, for appliances that require maximum performance it is necessary to be able to choose a perfectly tailored component». Seeking and selecting the ideal component for a specific use will give sa-

vings and optimum performance without affecting quality. Furthermore, the components are certified. «More than 98% of our supplies come directly from the facilities of our suppliers, while the rest –for the odd rare emergency– come from a network of authorized distributors with guaranteed traceability. We carefully avoid grey market channels». After all, if a non-original component is used and it breaks too soon, the production cycle comes to a halt. Unfortunately, counterfeiting is widespread in the sector. «Nobody can afford to lose a whole day to a stop in production, whether it is due to breakages, premature wear and tear in components or supply issues. Therefore, we take preventive measures. Using a specific algorithm based on information from our sales force and working in synergy with our production facilities, we are able to monitor the average and exact consumption by customers, predict their needs and make the components available using a just-in-time system, which is all built on broad availability of stock in line with our estimates. When the items are needed, they will already be there waiting in our logistics centres».

Bianchi Industrial and its group are number one –with 12,000 customers, a turnover of approximately € 100 mn in Italy and total revenues of € 150 mn in Europe– thanks to outstanding hi-tech product availability, cutting-edge logistics, first-rate technical and sales support and the certified quality and originality of the components distributed. In 2016, the Bianchi Group will become the first player in Europe to sport the B.O.C. (Bianchi Original Components) label, thus offering an additional guarantee to customers in the fight against counterfeiting.

Striving to provide exceptional service is an innate part of everything that the company does: «This is a private company that I run myself, together with my expert management team. We put a lot of work into our staff’s skills and providing the best possible pre-sales and after-sales assistance, because the goal that we have when we wake up every morning is to satisfy the specific needs of every customer. Spreading the word about this priority outside the company is an extremely strategic move for us, as it allows us to promote maximum awareness of how we distinguish ourselves and it will lead more and more customers in Italy and elsewhere in Europe to choose us as a trusted partner».