Leader in contrast medium for medical analysis procedures, including magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound scanning, 10% of turnover allocated to research, and a winner in 100 foreign markets

Diana Bracco

Diana Bracco

«My father and grandfather arrived in Milan from a small town in Dalmatia called Nerezine. When I visited it many years later I was struck by this small town made up entirely of low-rise housing, and I understood that what they created required determination and intelligence, and an element of good luck - all the ingredients essential for success». Diana Bracco, Chairman and Managing Director of the Group, has often talked proudly about the origins of the family business that carries her name, which was set up in 1927 by an immigrant from Dalmatia and now boasts a turnover of 1.1.billion and more than 3,300 employees. The Bracco Group has a significant presence abroad, where it generates 75% of its total revenue. 

One of the feathers in the pharmaceutical company’s cap is the research and development sector - approximately 10% of turnover is invested here and it is the area that has enabled Bracco to make a considerable leap in quality. At the end of the 70s it was the R&D sector that led to a product breakthrough with the Iopamidol molecule, the first non-ionic ready-to-use contrast medium. As a result Bracco received worldwide recognition and finally took off.

Other important achievements from Bracco research include the development of MultiHance for magnetic resonance imaging introduced in 1998 and Sonovue, a contrast medium containing sulphur hexafluoride microbubbles for ultrasound scanning, which was introduced in 2001. Bracco’s portfolio of products was further enhanced with medical devices aimed at optimising the administration of contrast media during various imaging procedures.

Diana Bracco has a degree in chemistry from the University of Pavia and an honorary degree in medicine. «Choosing a faculty wasn’t easy for me. In some ways I wanted to be part of the medical profession, but chemistry and the company had been part of my life since I’d been a child. In the end I opted for chemistry and I’ve never regretted it, because it’s given me the chance to nurture my great passion for scientific research applied to the wellbeing of individuals. When I entered the company I was young and very green, and my father started calling me the ‘Doctor’ to build a character, and I’ve carried this label around with me since then, even without wanting to sometimes. My father was able to rely on a very cohesive team, which welcomed me by offering unlimited support».

This comprehensive global strengthening can be attributed to the ‘Doctor’, with Bracco present in more than 100 countries either directly or through joint ventures. Internationalisation and research are the two specialisations that Diana Bracco also represents in Confindustria, where she is vice chairman and responsible for research and innovation, and in wider society, where she stood out for her ability to represent the best of the country on the worldwide market as head of Expo 2015 in Italy.