De Cecco

Beyond the success, a strong heritage, with over more than 200 types of pasta, alongside other flag-products of the Mediterranean diet: it's the most widespread italian pasta brand in the world

Filippo Antonio De Cecco

Filippo Antonio De Cecco

Quality and goodness, these are the secrets of De Cecco, the industry leader in Italian pasta. It has always stayed true to itself, just like the country girl from Abruzzo, with her sheaves of wheat, that has been the symbol of the company for more than a century. 

This pasta is unique and unparalleled because it has stayed true to the original recipe of the Knight Filippo De Cecco, the mixture of fine grains, flour fresh from its own mill, bronze pasta dies, slow dried at a low temperature and constant quality control. 

He was the one, a son of a miller from Fara San Martino, to found the pasta factory in 1886 along the Verde River, below the Majella, where he developed an artificial hot air drying system that revolutionised the world of pasta. This meant that it could be made without being dependent on the weather or the sun. It was an immediate success. De Cecco pasta was already being exported to the Usa in 1893. 

Passion for the product and innovative capacity, loyalty to tradition and quality were passed down from generation to generation, all the way to Filippo Antonio De Cecco, Knight of work and current president and Ceo of the group. The University of Teramo awarded him with an honorary degree in Bioscience, Agro-food and Environmental technology, «for contributing to economic, social and cultural development, promoting Italian entrepreneurship in the world and maintaining a strong link with his homeland». 

«Recognition for professional commitment and for the results steered by an industrial group, which -from Fara San Martino- has reached the whole world by making its roots one of the underlying reasons for their success», stressed Dean Luciano D’Amico, «but also an important motivation for students, a role model to which they can aspire».

There is something to be rightly proud of, as reflected by the words with which the new graduate accepted this prestigious award: «The standards of times gone by, for De Cecco, are the same. We still use slow drying. Our grandfather taught us that quality is essential. And we are more interested in this than in finances», said Filippo Antonio De Cecco, who has also stressed his commitment, within the company, to keep the need for growth ever present, in terms «of revenue, volume, and sales». 

Growth which has forced the group to make large investments, in order to expand the factory in Fara San Martino, open a new one in Ortona, transform their pasta factory in Pescara into the state-of-the-art De Cecco Centre, Il Molino, as well as its expansion abroad, with the acquisition of the Russian group Pmk in 2011. So now they can even teach the Russians, as goes a lucky company slogan, that «the secret of a good pasta is… the pasta».

Yet the taste test was not enough, the quality of De Cecco pasta is also certified. The Norwegian company Dnv, Det Norske Veritas, actually confirms the pasta’s compliance with seven specific parameters, including, for example, a gluten index which never falls lower than 70%, the temperature of the mixing water that is never below 15°C, drying times ranging between 18 and 36 hours and the use of bronze pasta dies. It is the very same quality that distinguishes the more than 200 types of De Cecco pasta. 

Moreover, it is guaranteed in its other products also, with which the company has made up a tricoloured trio, the true flag of Made in Italy excellence and the Mediterranean diet: the white of the pasta alongside the green of the extra-virgin olive oil and the red of the tomato-based products, chopped tomatoes and puree sauces.