E. Marinella

British elegance, Neapolitan exuberance, incomparable craftsmanship, and a unique relationship with their customers – this is how the brand from Naples has become synonymous with quality ties over its 100-year history

Maurizio Marinella

Maurizio Marinella

In just over a century, Eugenio Marinella ties –made in the legendary workshop in Piazza Vittoria on the splendid Riviera di Chiaia in Naples– have dictated the rules of Italian elegance all over the world. The Marinella knot has become the sign of expert, unmatchable and unmissable craftsmanship in every corner of the planet. It’s a history of silk and profound humanity. 


Aristotle Onassis used to buy these ties in packs of 12, all black. He needed them to intimidate the people he’d speak to without giving a hint of his mood and maintaining an impeccable sense of style at the same time. Bill Clinton would wear the ones his wife Hillary bought him. Film director Luchino Visconti loved them in blue or red. Italy’s former President Francesco Cossiga used to present visiting heads of state with a set of five of them.

The ritual begun by Don Eugenio in the early 20th century is honoured every day in the 20 m2 workshop-boutique overlooking one of the most beautiful promenades in the world. «Our customers come to visit us, they stop to chat, and ask for advice», explains Maurizio Marinella, the third generation to head the family business. «They know that buying a tie or an accessory here is just one small moment in a conversation. It’s an exchange that can last a lifetime and be passed on from father to son, continuing with the same intensity as when it started in a completely different era».

What keeps this dialogue alive is the fact that some things at Marinella will never change. Craftsmanship being the main one. Each of these small masterpieces is a one-off piece. Top-quality fabrics are chosen, cut and sewn with incomparable mastery. 

Another thing that will never change is their ability to listen. «My grandfather founded what would come to be known as the Marinella philosophy. That word may seem daunting or even excessive, but it gives you an idea of what we strive to achieve on a daily basis. Our workshop is so much more than an outlet. It’s rather a salon where we try to develop human relations based on helpfulness, respect, and politeness. Besides ties, it’s the thing we do best. No doubt about that!», Maurizio smiles.

Another staple of the company is the perfect combination between British elegance and that typical Neapolitan street urchin spirit, which Marinella has always cultivated. Right from the beginning of his entrepreneurial adventure, Don Eugenio could provide his clients with products that were the height of fashion of the time from some of the most renowned English suppliers. And he managed to do it exclusively, with a touch of uniqueness added to his creations. The era of shipping packs of fabrics from London to Italy on steamboats is over, as is that of calling the best Parisian tailors to Naples to perfect Don Eugenio’s craftsmen in the art of cutting. «Nevertheless, our way of creating style has remained identical. We don’t like complicated things. Simply the best fabrics used by the best craftsmen to create an impeccable style. We have given ourselves only a few, very clear principles. And we intend never to step away from these principles».