The leading perfume supplier to the most popular Italian brands, EuroItalia combines a creative concept with meticulous fragrance selection, packaging, production and marketing and takes it to the world

When the perfume culture was still widely associated with French brands, a young entrepreneur from Brianza entered the market in 1978 to risk it all on an idea: promoting Italian fragrances around the world. This lofty aim stemmed from the pioneering vision of Giovanni Sgariboldi and his company, EuroItalia, which was brave enough to believe in the potential of Italian perfumes. «Thanks to my father’s passion, determination and farsightedness, he was able to establish Italy’s leading perfume company, built upon the values of quality, innovation and creativity tied to a profound understanding of the market and the latest technology used in the industry», explains Davide Sgariboldi, who now stands alongside his father Giovanni as well as his brothers Andrea and Matteo.

With annual revenue of around €270m, 25 million products sold, an export quota of over 90% and a distribution network of direct agencies and commercial operators established in the local markets and duty frees of nearly every country in the world, the Monza-based group is now the market leader in the sale of some of the most popular Italian fragrances in the world. The close collaborative relationship between stores and fashion designers has always been one of the keys to the company’s success, allowing it to identify market trends before anyone else and quickly translate them into new product lines, with meticulous attention to detail invested in every stage of development: from the formation of the creative concept to the choice of fragrance, packaging design, industrial production and careful commercial placement, all underpinned by highly effective marketing, merchandising and communication strategies.

«Our first big licenses came in the 1980s from on-trend brands like Enrico Coveri, Naj Oleari and El Charro», says Davide Sgariboldi. «Then came Moschino, with whom we’ve been in partnership since 1985. Together we have created perfumes that have tied in perfectly with the brand’s evolution, from fashion lines like Cheap and Chic –which were even exhibited at the MoMa in New York– to more recent fragrances like Toy and Fresh Couture, developed together with the new creative director, Jeremy Scott». EuroItalia burst onto the international stage in the 1990s, thanks to two very famous names: Dolce & Gabbana. «This licence allowed us to establish ourselves on the world stage – we had some of the most widely sold fragrances around. When that licence ended in 2005, we teamed up with Versace, redesigning each and every detail with fantastic support from Donatella Versace: from the product range to the commercial network. And we took the brand to a truly prestigious position». First came Versace Bright Crystal and Pour Femme, then Versace Man Eau Fraiche and Pour Homme, both of which shot up the sales charts to become classic fragrances. More recently, EuroItalia has worked on Versace’s latest collections: Eros (for men) and Eros pour Femme.

The recent alliance with Missoni, which began in 2015, has already seen the launch of the eponymous Eau de Parfum: an elegant, sophisticated, sensual perfume with a bottle design inspired by artisanal stained glasswork and an all-Italian advertising campaign. Once again, this project is indicative of and confirms the group’s dedication to promoting Italian production: «Not just in terms of the brands we represent, but also in regard to the creative development of the project and sophisticated  product manufacturing», concludes Sgariboldi.