Fiocchi Munizioni

The company is a leading provider of ammunition to armies, Olympic athletes, police forces and hunters all over the world, with exports responsible for 80% of its turnover

Stefano Fiocchi

Stefano Fiocchi

The story of Fiocchi is full of people, dreams, ideas and perseverance. It is thanks to these values that the Fiocchi dynasty has been able to build up a business that is now celebrating its 140th anniversary. Today, the company, which exports to 50 countries worldwide. It has become a top name in the Italian and international markets for ammunition of all kinds and calibres. «Italians are renowned as the best ammunition manufacturers in the world, and we are number one in Italy», summed up Stefano Fiocchi, who is part of the fourth generation in charge of the family company. It was founded in 1876 and it is now a real gem, with a turnover of almost € 130 mn.

That marks a 25% increase on the previous 12 months and continues the non-stop growth of the last five years. This is all despite the crisis: during the toughest years for the economy, the sector went against the trend and the demand from abroad doubled. Exports now make up 80% of the overall turnover and the group has opened branches in the Usa, Argentina, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

The cases that are made in Lecco mostly end up on the other side of the pond. The second biggest market is Europe and it is followed by the Middle East. «We have a presence in all countries where ammunition sales are permitted and 70% of our business is in the civil market», continued Fiocchi, who is also the chairman of Anpam, an association of civil and sporting firearms and ammunition manufacturers that is part of Confindustria (the General Confederation of Italian Industry). «The rest of the output goes to Italian ministries and international government bodies».

The company has always been run with the same passion and creativity by a family of entrepreneurs that has grown over time and set itself increasingly ambitious goals. The family’s enterprising spirit and quest for innovation are behind its outstanding results and exceptional products, which are internationally renowned. More than 600 people work in the headquarters in Lecco alone and every year it uses 2,500 tonnes of brass, 2,800 tonnes of iron and 1,800 tonnes of plastic to provide foreign markets with ammunition of all kinds for firearms. It makes cases and cartridges of all types for sport, hunting and public and private security. Its vast, comprehensive range of products can cater to all of the needs of its hugely varied array of customers, including hunters, target shooting and clay pigeon shooting enthusiasts, public bodies that buy ammunition for defence and security purposes, and the farming and construction industries, which employ them for a number of specialist uses.

The Fiocchi working model ensures that every single cartridge and bullet that leaves the factory is perfect and reaches its destination on schedule. It always keeps the customers in its sight, in every sense of the term. Fiocchi’s target is to consolidate its existing trade ties and open up new markets (especially in emerging countries), «to which we can convey not only our products but also the values of quality, reliability and prestige that are a precious part of our heritage».

In short, it is a diversified and growing business that has invested € 16 mn in modernizing its operating lines in the last four years in order to double its production capacity, which is up by more than 80%. Ministers, politicians, emirs and executives visit the plant in Lecco. They are joined by countless sporting shooters, because Fiocchi ammunition has an unrivalled collection of medals to its name. It keeps on piling them up with each new event in every shooting discipline, from trap, double trap and skeet shooting to biathlon and precision competitions. Meanwhile, the company continues to invest the resources generated by its excellent operating margins.

With the same spirit, courage and desire to innovate as ever, the fourth generation of the Fiocchi family has embraced the challenges of the global market and steered the company into the future. It is always one step ahead and it always shows respect for people, the environment and the glorious past that has helped to guide all members of the family during their work for the company. The challenge for Stefano Fiocchi today is to stay at the top: «140 years is a huge milestone but it is crucial to remember that the road goes on».