The Italian multinational company for electrical systems, it has a presence in 80 countries and was the first in using polymers. Its philosophy is to explore untapped avenues

Domenico Bosatelli

Domenico Bosatelli

If we could jump on a beam of light, we’d be able to see the future, but that’s impossible. Domenico Bosatelli, who created –out of nothing and by using electricity– a business with a 300 million turnover, is changing his perspective. He has been creating the future, day by day since 1970, when a rather fortunate piece of intuition, using engineering plastics in electric systems - a revolutionary application of such materials, which opened the way for his adventure, placing him immediately among the main protagonists of Italy’s electrotechnics industry. «Since the beginning», says Bosatelli, Cavaliere del lavoro, «we made a specific choice: to innovate and to create something better everyday, better than the previous day, to explore new pathways that no one has ever walked. That is our story, that is our future».


Thus their perspective has been adjusted: the present gives shape to the future. «I have always been convinced that a company is established and develops soley by having a good idea concerning the product and service. Change and innovation are fundamental for today’s success and they will continue to be so in the world of tomorrow. Because it is true that, compared to the past, the way in which business is done has changed significantly from a bureacratic, fiscal, financial and competitive point of view, yet how to be an entreprenuer is no different: you need to be a leader, able to take responsibility and to find solutions to every problem. Thinking about the future, for us, means designing today what will be needed tomorrow, trying to make the most of all the opportunities that arise over time». 

This model, for creating a company in a substantial and concrete way, can be seen in the figures: 20,000 products for residential buildings, industry and the tertiary sector, ranging from home and building automation technology to protection tools, systems for connection and electricity distribution, to lighting technology. At the same time, however, everything is guided by a strongly visionary spirit. «We have built our success upon constant investments in research and development, anticipating demands within the market and with an ambition to give shape to the idea of quality, to create value for clients and for the company».

This is a winning formula: today Gewiss is the number one Italian multinational company operating in the area of electrical devices, is present in 80 countries in the world, with 1,500 employees, and has production establishments and commercial branches in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Uk, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Chile, Uae and China. 

«The facts show that the motor for every one of our choices and actions is innovation. This vocation translates into a constant desire for change, a continuous attempt to go beyond our limits. It is like a predisposition for excellence, that I see in my character, in the top management’s approach, and in the attitude of the group as a whole, a virtuous mix of fantasy and skill, initiatve and enthusiasm». 

But what does this really mean, in concrete terms? The answer is before all the world’s eyes, and has been for six months. At the Expo 2015 in Milan, Gewiss was an official sponsor for the whole operation and a main partner for the Italian pavilion. This great level of visibility helped project the brand and it values onto the worldwide stage. 

«But above all our Italianness, the truest expression of what we are», Bosatelli, the President, continues, «a way of doing business which translates into working method focused on objectives, with an innovative philosophy based on the values of honesty, transparency and respect of the environment». These are three values that have brought Gewiss to the top and which continue to guide the company towards its next targets; «because although Italy is our home, the world is our horizon».