The Basile family has been in the surveillance business for over a century and now runs the market leader: it boasts 27 facilities to help protect 70,000 clients and big events such as Expo

Rosario Basile

Rosario Basile

You become the leader in private security when no one talks about you. Because good news never makes the papers. If everything went off without a hitch for six months at Expo 2015 in Milan, a high-risk epicentre, we have the security plan put in place by IVRI, the Istituti di Vigilanza Riuniti d’Italia (Collective of Italian Security Institutions) to thank for it. It was acquired by the Biks Group in 2014 and is run by the Basile Group, which was already the Italian leader in the field of preventative security thanks to Ksm Spa and Sicurtransport Spa.

The IVRI’s armed guards and cameras kept a watchful eye on the public spaces, Expo entryways and many of the pavilions, providing peace of mind for 150,000 people everyday. It’s not an easy job. But more than anything, if you do it well, there’s no need to talk about it the next day. Rosario Basile heads up the group, a lawyer by trade, just like his father and children (but they preferred street defence to that provided in a court).

This is not a new profession for the Basile family, however, as it has been engaged in security for more than a century, since 1914 in fact, when the founder, Rosario, took on the technical director role of the first private police organisation made up of former Carabinieri officers, the Piave. This is just the beginning of the story, as the company expanded in the 1970s and began to operate all over southern and central Italy, which takes us up to 2007. The real turning point came in 2014 when IVRI was acquired. This transaction allowed the Basile Group to become the genuine leading player in Italy, with around 7,200 employees spread over 40 branches, 27 operations centres, 20 vaults and 1,300 vehicles serving more than 70,000 clients.

2015 was a year of consolidation and internationalisation: services were integrated to provide a comprehensive relationship with the client and international partnerships were formed (the Israeli Lotan Group and Swiss Isc International Study Center SA) to acquire expertise, experience and knowledge concerning technology on new global threats, cyber security and anti-terrorism.

Large corporations trust Mr. Basile, who counts clients such as Rai, Lottomatica, Mediaset, Lvmh, Ibm, Italcementi and Johnson & Johnson, in addition to many banks, including Intesa Sanpaolo, Bpm and Unicredit. This represents the best business card, one which Rosario Basile would also like to present abroad. «Internationalisation is an extremely ambitious objective and it will occur soon, yet it is not our only one», explains Basile, «because professionalism and innovation are two of the cornerstones on which our philosophy is built. This means that we will continue with our reorganisation of internal structures and management, which began last year and we will move forward by innovating our range of services». Indeed, the private security sector cannot overlook the challenges created by modern life: telecommunications and information security first and foremost.

«We drive innovation in our sector», continues the head of IVRI, «and we are working extremely hard on new technologies, communications infrastructure and the cyber threats posed by hackers and viruses, which are the future of security. Moreover, we have already expanded our business by entering into sectors that up until now have been outside of the traditional scope of security, such as call centre management or home automation systems». It’s written as security 4.0, but you read it as peace of mind.