L&P Investimenti

A consulting firm that is challenging the multinationals in the sector. The group is number one for bank-business relationships and a leader in integrated niche market projects for the main blue chip companies and medium-size businesses, both in relation to recovery and development

Isidoro Lucciola

Isidoro Lucciola

Aiming to provide resources, skills and experience as an alternative to leading strategic consultancy firms and the main investment banks, Isidoro Lucciola founded Lucciola & Partners, the company that bears his name, in 2005 along with Roberto Mugnaioli. Many would have thought this an ambitious objective, but with a CV that boasts experience in leading banks and companies, including Value Partners, Grapes Communications, Acea, Mediocredito Centrale (the then bank of the Ministry of the Economy, now part of Post Italiane group), Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) and Snamprogetti (subsequently taken over by Saipem), this top consultant immediately managed to link the name of the company to some of the main industrial restructuring and recovery cases in recent years.

The first assignment involved Italtractor Itm (world leader in components for earth moving and farming equipment) and another 100 have followed over the years. Nowadays his focus is a top-level consulting firm (which has seen the arrival of Alessio Turco as a new partner in the meantime ) and the key to his success is the quality of the strategic, industrial and financial  plans, and relevant actions, offered to the clients. These have a significant impact both on recovery and development, while remaining within a framework of optimisation and respecting the dynamics between the various stakeholders.

This pragmatic approach was combined from the beginning with the motivation to create value through corporate sustainability, by developing integrated projects for the main Italian blue chip companies, an area where the company has achieved market leadership. «We were among the first to advise companies to adopt a strategic sustainable development plan, and an integrated management model of sustainability themes and relationships with stakeholders, and we were right», says Lucciola, who co-ordinated the entry of companies like Eni, Finmeccanica, Fiat and Enel onto the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Today he is the chairman and principal shareholder of L&P Investimenti, a company with 100% control of Lucciola & Partners and Loan Agency Services, and with a 40% share in Appeal Strategy & Finance. A unique example of activity, services and business models in various consultancy and advisory sectors and with precise objectives - «Lucciola & Partners is dedicated to providing consultancy services to medium-size companies; Loan Agency Services was set up to facilitate bank-business relationships in an environment shaken up after the Lehman Brothers crisis; Appeal Strategy & Finance was founded to encourage the development, mainly on international markets, of large Italian companies, by capitalising on an important network of relationships to the full», explains Lucciola.

The new businesses are the result of the commanding desire to innovate, which in the service industry is represented by the ongoing search for new business models and solutions that anticipate the needs of clients. Loan Agency Services, for example, was set up in 2009 to help banks manage relationships with companies involved in restructuring and recovery plans, and improve the monitoring and management of their credit portfolios as a result.  It works as follows: the firm acts as an agent for banks, and represents a one-stop shop in relation to requirements regarding financial restructuring agreements for businesses and companies operating in any sector.  A service which wasn’t available at the time but which has been a winning idea. «After six years we are number one when it comes to bank-business relationships, with more than 185 mandates acquired for a total of 24 billion euros of financing granted by over 120 national and international banks», stresses Lucciola.

This is a business model which is also working in Spain, where Loan Agency Services has been operating for a year at its branch in Madrid. The latest financial initiative is Appeal Strategy & Finance, set up in 2011 in partnership with Alessandro Profumo, who holds 60% of the shares. Among the brand’s various successes, the consultancy services provided in relation to a series of operations for the Cremonini Group stand out, which included the project financing benchmark on the Russian market to create the largest Eurasia cattle slaughterhouse, financed by Russian banking giant Sberbank.