Marchesi de’Frescobaldi

It is the Italian winemaker with the highest average price per bottle. And is famous for its strong charactr wines, all Docg, Doc, Igt. Made in six estates in Tuscany

È l’azienda vinicola italiana con il prezzo medio a bottiglia più alto. Rinomata per i vini di forte personalità. tutti Docg, Doc, Igt. Prodotti nelle sei tenute dai nobili terroir in toscana

Lamberto Frescobaldi

Lamberto Frescobaldi

A great wine is a work of art in constant evolution. In this case, an evolution that has lasted seven centuries and has been able to welcome and foresee turning points in history, managing to happily marry experience and innovation along the way. This is the case with the Marquis of Frescobaldi, thus named for their big-personality wines and aristocratic elegance. With 1200 hectares spread out over six estates of noble terroir in the best areas of Tuscany, everything is dedicated to the production of highly-prized DOCG, DOC and IGT wines. Every single one has its own identity, history and personality.

Since 2013, Lamberto Frescobaldi has been at the helm, the latest in a family-run business stretching back 30 years. He’s come off the back of a degree in Agriculture from the University of Florence and a postgraduate course in wine-growing from Davis University in California, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world for this discipline. The company’s headquarters can be found in Palazzo Frescobaldi at 11 Santo Spirito in Florence, with windows that look out onto the garden where you can admire the bell-tower and rear wall of the Basilica di Santo Spirito – Filippo Brunelleschi’s last major work. «We’ve been in Florence since 1200 and our history is intertwined with that of the city», explains Lamberto Frescobaldi. It’s an ancient and unbreakable bond shown also by a map of 15th-century Tuscany, preserved at the Uffizi Gallery, where you can where the Frescobaldi’s land and the Nipozzano Castle is indicated. The family’s love for the city of Florence has always gone hand-in-hand with their love for wine.

The Frescobaldi archive jealously guards a letter from Henry VIII, dated 1519, with a request to purchase noble wines for guests of the English Court. At that time, the estate set aside for the production of wine was in Castiglioni, where since 1300 the family has been dedicated to viticulture. Since then, their passion and love for wine has grown, alongside their desire to keep innovating to remain at the forefront of excellence.

They closed 2015 with a growth in turnover of 10.7% on the €86 million from the year before. With 70% generated abroad and more than ten million bottles produced, the group is expecting more growth in 2016 and is continuing to invest to carry on modernising. «We’ve been in constant growth since 2010, regardless of the crisis, and we’re aiming to hit €100 million in income over the next two years, focusing above all on our top-of-the-range wines», president Frescobaldi reveals. One of the main tenets of their growth strategy is widening their offer of wine with the launch of new labels like Nipozzano Vecchie Viti, a Chianti Rufina Riserva 2011 intended solely for restaurants and wine bars, Leonia – their first sparkling wine, a Chardonnay and a 30-month-aged pinot noir.

They’re also moving into diversification with a restaurant recently opened in Mayfair in the heart of London. «In recent years, we have really focused on modernising and strengthening our system of production, renewing vineyards, factories and machinery and adopting the latest techniques in production. In 2015, for example, we built a new 6000-metre-squared warehouse set aside for logistics and two small centres run by renewable energy», Frescobaldi underlines. The brand has been further enhanced in recent years by the web. Their portal, updated in 2013, won first place in the authoritative WineNews ranking on the best wine-company websites. It’s also considered the best site out of top Italian wine companies across the entire Internet (research from FleishmanHillard).