Qui! Group

With turnover of over €650m in 2015, 20 million users and 150,000 participating locations, the Genoa-based group has created a fully-fledged service highway

Gregorio Fogliani

Gregorio Fogliani

The aim is to diversify while continuing to focus on providing services to people. There has always been a strong social side to the vision of Gregorio Fogliani, the founder, owner and man in charge at QUI! Group. It was launched just over 25 years ago as a catering company, but it soon expanded, first entering the meal voucher market and then branching out into electronic payment cards and company welfare. Technology can make customers’ lives easier and Fogliani not only takes advantage of it but also creates it.

With his flexible hi-tech platforms, he has established a service superhighway. In a short space of time, the Genoa-based group has earned its stripes as a young, innovative and successful company. It is the number one fully Italian-owned company in a sector dominated by multinationals. It is young because the average age of the 1,300 employees and contributors on its team (over 70% of whom are women) is 32. It is innovative because it can count on the most advanced technology around thanks to its huge investments in research and development. And it is successful because its growth has carried it unscathed through the toughest economic cycle since the end of the Second world war.

With a turnover of over € 650 mn in 2015, 20 mn users and 150,000 partner businesses across Italy, QUI! Group has grown through innovation and continues to do so. It currently works in four main sectors: social and company welfare; e-money services and payment systems; loyalty system and network development; Ict consultancy and software. «By the end of the financial year, our revenues will have increased by 10% and our Ebitda will have doubled», stated 58-year-old Fogliani. «Our objectives include international growth: we have bought a credit card company in Brazil and we’re preparing to venture into Mexico, the United States and Great Britain. We have been able to grow thanks to our people, who are our most precious form of capital, and because we have been brave enough to innovate with our products continually in order to make them more and more competitive».

QUI! Group embodies the best qualities that one could desire from a global flagship of Italian industry. It is keen to underline that everything revolves around its «network of partner businesses equipped with Pos terminals and multipurpose cards (or mobile phones) that can be used in conjunction with QUI! Group’s technology to replace company Id cards and books of printed meal vouchers, as well as serving many other purposes». Among the additional options are an active payment system, a loyalty scheme with discounts in the network of partner businesses, presence tracking and other specific company needs. For example, an increasingly important role is being played by welfare services such as reimbursement for children’s school books, supplementary health care and on-demand babysitters or pre-schools. «It is like an essentially tax-free second salary for employees which aims to enhance their wellbeing in the office and help them to establish a good work-life balance».

With a string of prominent clients to his name, including Enel, Banca d’Italia, Ferrovie dello Stato, Cnr and Poste Italiane, Gregorio Fogliani has now shown his dedication to social issues by signing a memorandum of understanding with Anci (the Association of Italian municipalities). The aim is to «promote joint initiatives in aid of migrants and families in need, while embarking on active collaboration in the sphere of public welfare policies», using one of the Ligurian group’s core products: electronic vouchers. President Fogliani also remains committed to his Pasto Buono project to prevent food from being wasted: 300,000 meals were donated to families in need in 2014 alone. He is aiming high in the years to come, with a target of 1 mn meals. «It is a challenging goal that will really spur us on».Then there is the stock market. QUI! Group has been preparing to list for years. «Now that the markets are becoming more stable, we might decide that the moment has come at any time», said Fogliani in conclusion.