Salmoiraghi & Viganò

Is the much appreciated optics brand in Italy, thanks to its competence and professionalism. And it's the only one that produces high quality lenses

È la catena di ottica più amata dagli italiani, grazie a competenza e professionalità. E l’unica che produce lenti di alta qualità

Edoardo, Dino ed Emanuele Tabacchi

Edoardo, Dino ed Emanuele Tabacchi

A  contemporary outlook and ancient know-how: from a small Milanese store at the end of the Nineteenth century to a leader in the distribution of optical products in Italy, Salmoraighi & Viganò’s journey covers 150 years of tradition in quality eye care. The story began with the meeting of the Filotecnica Salmoraighi, a producer since 1865 of lenses for high precision instruments, and the Optics Institute of Angelo Viganò, who had run his store since 1880, the farsighted engineers of a successful partnership.

While the third millennium bears the signature of Dino Tabacchi, who took over the business in 2002 and, together with his sons Edoardo and Emanuele Maria, fostering the brand’s expansion, the central importance of the client remains at the heart of every development: «In prime locations carrying the Salmoraighi & Viganò brand, synonymous with know-how and professionalism, and in areas of high-density population carrying the VistaSì brand, which combines quality and convenience, with a total of 450 stores, 1,850 employees and a turnover of 190 million», says Vice President Edoardo Tabacchi.

In sales outlets, the overhauled design reflects the dynamism of the business’s new direction which promotes the most comprehensive selection of models, prices and innovations. «We were the first to introduce, in our flagship stores in San Babila and Cordusio in Milan, and in via Roma in Turin, the concept of themed islands, where top brands exhibit their collections with customised displays expressing their particular mood». Alongside top labels, Salmoraighi & Viganò offers his own-brand lines and is the only chain in Italy that produces high quality ophthalmic lenses, developed with the support of the Soi (the Italian ophthalmology society), for all vision needs.

Advanced technological research has developed the Chiaro&Scuro advanced lenses, the Luce Blu lenses providing relief in front of monitors, and the Hd lenses offering greater clarity and contrast. Promoting good health and annual eye tests has always been a must for Salmoraighi & Viganò, who offers free check-ups in their 319 stores which can also be booked online. «Performed with the most advanced instruments by professional opticians who undergo constant training, the test follows a rigid four stage protocol: three for analysis (preliminary, objective, subjective) and one to check the required level of correction, with prescription advice based on individual lifestyles». This standard demonstrates, apart from know-how, the focus on the individual nature of each customer, who is cared for with a complete range of services.

It is no surprise that Salmoraighi & Viganò is the optician chain most loved by Italians, winning, for the sixth time, the Brand of the year award, and, in November 2015, Gold first place among Italian opticians in the survey of Best in Italy – Service champion. Their investment in professionalism is reflected in their strong association with ophthalmologists and the work of the Salmoraighi & Viganò Research centre in promoting training and dissemination for all aspects of vision, «taking a collaborative approach, also in terms of roles, between the worlds of optics and ophthalmology, in line with our historical dedication to dialogue». A 150 year old tradition that the company will celebrate in 2016 and will relaunch in the future with the opening of 40 new stores a year.