Tamburi Investment Partners

Not just number one, but one of a kind: Italy’s most dynamic investment firm, with stakes in the country’s leading companies, offers its shareholders better return than the world’s biggest asset management players

Gianni Tamburi

Gianni Tamburi

If you flick through a list of the most successful Italian brands in the world, you can bet that they have benefitted from – and perhaps continue to benefit from – the financial and strategic impulse of Tamburi Investment Partners (Tip). Tip’s client list reads like a Hall of fame of the best in Italian manufacturing and technology: from Moncler to Hugo Boss via Azimut Benetti, iGuzzini, Ferrari, Prysmian, Digital Magics, Amplifon, Octo and Eataly. Gianni Tamburi, the founder and Ceo of the most dynamic investment firm in Italy, certainly has good instincts. He’s one of the very few Italian financial managers to have founded a successful company and remained a key stakeholder within it. And he’s managed to make Tip something more than just number one: he’s made it one of a kind, because there are simply no other companies like this in Italy, and you’d be hard-pushed to find an equal in Europe too.

Moreover, Tip, which has been listed on the stock exchange since 2005, has been able to secure better returns for its shareholders than some of the leading asset management companies in the world, despite the global economy’s bruising past decade, with first the financial crisis and then that of the real economy. As of November 2015, that return (considering the value of dividends distributed and hypothesising their reinvestment at the ex-dividend date, plus distributed shares and the price of warrants issued), was up 2.67 times compared with ten years ago: €4.8 up from €1.8. Compare that with gold, up 2.36 times, the Standard & Poor’s Global Luxury Index, up 2.34 times, and the S&P 500 index, up 2.2 times.

How do they always guess correctly? «There’s no rule, no fixed method», explains Tamburi. «I’ve always tried to choose not just the right projects but also, alongside them, the right people. That’s the key to business: having ideas and then having people capable of developing them».

In reality, Tip’s success is down to more than just correct – and fortunate, as Tamburi admits – decision-making: also key is a streamlined, compact, competent professional team. «There have been numerous occasions when I’ve had the pleasure of noticing that my presence is no longer indispensable», confirms Tamburi. Tip also has stable group of investors, around 100 families that have trusted in the company since the beginning, supported the decisions of those within the organisation and always provided the resources to enable Tip to make the right investments at the right time: «We were the first to offer such a team formula – and it’s worked».