A new unified brand for Telecom Italia Group, Italy’s main player in the digitisation field, which continues to lead the way in technological innovation, development of state of the art network infrastructure, and innovative services

Giuseppe Recchi e Marco Patuano

Giuseppe Recchi e Marco Patuano

A long-term vision, a global approach, a bet on Italy’s system to continue to invest and grow. This is what Telecom Italia Group does, and will continue to do under the guidance of its chairman, Giuseppe Recchi, and CEO Marco Patuano. And it will do so with TIM as a unified brand instead of the two brands that have marked the previous quarter of a century. The goal is to be Italy’s partner in the digital industry and keep leading the way in technological innovation, development of state of the art network infrastructure, and related innovative services. «From now on, we will be the best of TIM and Telecom Italia», stated the Group, explaining the choice of betting on one unified and widely popular brand.

The new TIM unified brand is the result of the fixed-mobile convergence that the internet, new devices, technology, and digital platforms have enabled. The aim is to represent the innovation traditionally associated with TIM mobile telephony, on one hand, and become more solid and increase Telecom Italia’s wealth of expertise, on the other. Today, the Group is Italy’s undisputed main player in the digitisation field. And the company’s investments in infrastructure to provide Italy with an ultra-fast network prove it. EUR 10 billion budgeted in the 2015-17 industrial plan, 5 of which specifically for innovative fixed and mobile digital technology and the creation of data centres and cloud infrastructure. This commitment has allowed TIM to cover over 41% of Italian premises with its fibre network and over 87% of the population with its LTE technology. The company has also created an effective public-private partnership in market failure areas. The goal is to reach 95% of the population with LTE and 75% with fibre optics by 2017.

Technology, innovation, and expertise are the distinctive elements of the group’s strategy both in Italy and in Brazil. But there’s more. The company is projected towards the creation of shared value, i.e. economic value that benefits society. This is possible thanks to its market power over 30 million of TIM mobile lines and 12 million of retail connections to the fixed network, 7 million of which broadband in September 2015.

Outside Italy, the company is betting on Brazil, where TIM Brasil with its 72.6 million clients is one of the main players. TIM provides the most innovative services on the market, allowing its clients to be connected anywhere and from any device or application (smartphone, tablets, decoders, apps, and cloud). The company also provides an enormous amount of continuously updated content: music, books, games, videos, and other premium content, including major sports events.

The same variety and quality are provided to business clients. Modular and customised solutions, convergent rate plans, high-speed connectivity, a wide set of applications, from data management to energy consumption control, and cutting-edge cloud solutions are only a few examples.