Università telematica Pegaso

It's the first Italian educational network, with 9 bachelor degrees and 200 Ph.D. and post diploma. Now aims to become global with a new platform

Danilo Iervolino

Danilo Iervolino

The institution will celebrate its tenth birthday in April, so it’s a fledgling by comparison to the realm of traditional academia. However, with more than 60,000 students and 30% annual growth, thanks to a widespread presence in Italy and abroad, Pegaso Online University is already well established. The institution has circumvented the rigidity of an inhibited, conservative education system and has been able to introduce more contemporary language. Thus it’s more inclusive and open to spreading knowledge and engaging in dialogue with the wide range of businesses in the country.

«I am convinced that this momentous revolution we’re seeing has a soul and an extraordinary motor propelling it: The internet. It is now realistic to talk about e-life, continuous training and an existence that, thanks to the internet, is in a genuine symbiosis with the world’s new frontiers, without disregarding the human factor», says its President, Danilo Iervolino. «Our strength is in the collective nature of what we offer, which is innovative in terms of its ability to interpret change, making use of the participative and peer-to-peer dynamics of the tnternet. It’s in our teaching quality, a product of multi-skill convergence, which is transversal, cutting across the academic and professional worlds.

Above all, it’s found in our personalized offering, packaged like a made-to-measure suit, which fits the age, objectives and time available for every student, from someone who has just left school to a worker who wants to update his or her skill set, with a focus on new professions. Pegaso is a university that follows you in your life’s arc and invites you into the digital world through the main entrance».

Given its nine degree courses and more than 200 post-school and postgraduate courses, 50 exam centers and 600 teaching centers distributed throughout the country, this higher-education institution, founded in 2006 by Iervolino -then only 27 years old- is now the number one educational network in Italy. It is also the first zero-kilometer university, as its e-learning platform PegasOnline can reach remote mountain villages as well as big cities, so that everyone -regardless of geography or social status- can access this study pathway, which is differentiated, free and based on the needs of the labor market. It isn’t a coincidence that the main areas of labor, law enforcement, trade unions, politics and professional bodies entrust Pegaso with the training of their members, thanks to approximately 400 active partnerships.

«The recent acquisition of two thirds of the Universitas Mercatorum, an online university from the Chamber of commerce, along with Unioncamere (the union of chambers of commerce), which owns the remaining 33%, in order to create the first start-up university, further consolidates our synergy with the fabric of the Italian economy», Iervolino adds. «This university is a product of businesses, so it also works for businesses. It acts as a business incubator and accelerator through educational pathways, which are boosted by the direct link with the labor market». 

Thus the world is the next frontier. The aim is to bring together e-learning and lifelong learning and the idea of a global university, which is able to compete with foreign universities. «We have embarked on the path toward internationalization, creating emanations of Pegaso abroad, starting with Mediterranean and European countries, which demonstrate a training need that has not been met. We’re already the first online university in Bulgaria, Turkey and Malta. From 2017 we’ll move closer to more developed, and thus more competitive, markets, such as the Usa, China and Russia».